Saturday, April 19, 2014


Behold!!! Ye chalk art dump that hast been in yon workings for millenia! Gaze not too long or...
ah, nevermind. 

So this is what I think some call a "dump." Not as in giant refuse depository, but as in deluge, heapin' helpin', more than a dollop... yeah, you get it: a FEAST!!! er, and not... well, ah... yeah. 

For Rainier cherries... As in times past I've taken this as an excuse to create parody movie posters...

A Happy, Happy Berfday cake. That's been made with radioactive icing.

I don't mean to pigeonhole organic foods aficionados as hippies, but if I can use a theme, no matter the stretch, I'ma gonna! Besides, there's an Eggy Hendrix, that makes it coooool.

 What follows is a series of detail pictures from a Pop Art popcorn display in the store, wherein I was yet again given complete liberty to just go crazy. They just don't seem to learn their lesson.

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